Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Hit it Fat Lady....

Dear Friends:

It is with an unreal amount of sadness that I compose this letter…

As you know, John Mahoney and I started Metal Lessons Radio as two passionate fans of hard rock and heavy metal. We were stay-at-home dads that had time to painstakingly craft a playlist, record, edit, produce, and upload…what we thought was a quality show, and along the way, turn a few people on to something old, new, or forgotten in the world of heavy music!

We’ve kept you abreast of all the ups and downs and ins and outs of our life, and as you know the financial climate has changed. As a result, I have gone back to work as an insurance agent, and Mahoney has returned to the pharmaceutical field.

Whereas we used to deliberate for hours about “who qualifies to be on this week’s theme”, we now barely have time to catch up with each other on a week-to-week basis, none-the-less record a show. It is also not fair to our families that now have us for even less time than before, to spend one evening to record, one evening to edit, one evening to chat and promote… and truthfully, I’m really enjoying the time with my kids in their sports and activities, as I know John Mahoney is as well.

So it is with a great deal of sadness that, at least for now, we’re going to put Metal Lessons Radio to bed. At least for now…. It is our hopes that we can bring it back, perhaps bigger and better, and hopefully soon. But for now, it has become unmanageable, and it is not fair to you that we continue to beg for patience as we scramble to piece together shows. So in lieu of re-running old re-edited shows and/or hastily produced playlists, we’re going to retire MLR.

We appreciate the friendship, support, and participation of our friends over the last couple of years. We will be airing a special Farewell Show this week, and hope you can join us for this last one! We’ll be hosting our farewell chat Thursday, Oct.22 at 8pm EST at hardrockin80s.com. It has been a joy and weekly highlight sharing our love of music with you, and hope to see you again on the airwaves of the world wide web some strange way…

Until then…Keep It Metal!

John O’Brien
John Mahoney


  1. I said this in my email, but I'll post it here too. I'm going to miss MLR but I think you're making the right choice.

  2. JOHNNY!!!!

    Why the hell didn't you tell me about this blog? Fan - freaking - tastic! I'll put a link up this morning on "The Rant"!


    Cheerio! Pip! Pip!

    Tom Degan


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